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There are a lot of people all over the world who experience burning pain in their knee or knees. These people have problems when they need to bend them and that can be quite troublesome.

The knee

In order to determine and understand why their knees are giving them so much trouble, people should first try to understand what the knee consists of and how it functions. Knee is probably the most working joint in the human body. Knee is also the place where the thigh bone and the tibia bone meet. Knee cap is located in front of the knee. Synovial fluid comes from synovial sac, which is the lining membrane in the joint. This fluid is important because of the fact that it is a natural lubricant and it smoothes the movement of the joint. The other parts of the knee joint are muscles, cartilages, tendons and ligaments. Apart from these parts, the knee also contains shock absorbers like bursae and menisci. These parts of the knee act as cushions. People need to know that exercises for the knee are important in order for the knee to remain fit and active. Knees are important because they provide a lot of range when it comes to movement.

Burning knee pain

Burning knee pain can occur when any of the parts of the knee is suffering from some functional problems. When it comes to the symptoms of burning knee pain, people should know that they vary because there are a lot of parts of the knee that can get damaged. On the other hand, knee pain can be a sign of some other condition or disease, like rheumatoid arthritis, iliotibial band syndrome, osteoarthritis and some others.

Causes of burning knee pain

Knee pain can occur due to other different conditions like cold, diabetes, sunburn, sciatica, knee injury and lots of others. According to the experts, knee pain is pretty common and that is because the knee is very prone to injuries. Injury leads to an inflammation in the bursae and that leads to warmth, swelling and redness. Excessive stress on the knee will also lead to burning knee pain. When stress is the cause, the pain may last for a long time but it may be gone in a matter of days. Nerve compression or nerve trauma can lead to sharp burning knee pain in a lot of cases. An injury to the ligaments, tendon and meniscus are pretty common causes of burning knee pain. A person who experiences a dislocated knee cap will also suffer from burning knee pain as well. Overuse of knee joint is common among athletes and that is another cause of burning knee pain.

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