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What are the benefits of doing squats

Doing squats can be very comfortable sometimes. It can provoke back and knee problems, but for those who want the best results, it is necessary to overcome these problems and exercise. If you want to have perfect abs, you will have to get down in a sitting position and stand up. By repeating this drill, you will do the best workout possible for the abs. This is tremendous exercise which involves many muscles and does a great cardio workout in the same time.

We will state a few muscles this workout affects. Expanding the hip and Flexing the knee is the hamstring responsibility. This muscle is located behind the thighs and provides the balance you seek. By doing squats you will simulate their natural movement, which will lead to their strengthening, and decrease the chances for injury while exercising.

Next group are abdominals and spinal erectors. Together they keep the spine in the upright position. These muscles will produce a great muscular detail, not to mention the elimination of the pain in the lower back. And we all have to agree that this can be a very difficult problem to overcome while exercising. Quadriceps has four different muscles. Those are vastus medialis, vastus intermediaries and vastus intermediaries (which helps the knee to get in straight position) and vastus lateralize (makes the knee straight and the hip bend). The exercise simulates their movement. The gluts are responsible for moving inward and outward and also for moving the thigh sideways and upward. To perform the exercise, take a bar, put it on the shoulders, put the hands on the bar and perform the squatting. This is done by moving from standing position to the sitting position.

There are several things you are not supposed to do under the rack. Never look down, hunch over, squat without shoes, take a heal block, use a smith machine or go spotter less. During one week, you will need to perform a warm up lasting twenty repetitions, first set consisting of twelve repetitions, second set with ten repetitions and the third with six to eight repetitions. But remember that the weight used for exercise is not crucial. It can even be counterproductive to use excessive weight for exercise. This is a very good workout for the squat warm up. First perform two sets with twelve repetitions of leg extension, than do the squat routine we stated earlier (for one week), then three sets with twelve, ten and eight repetitions of leg curls, calf raises in three sets of fifteen repetitions, and, at the end do a fifteen minutes treadmill workout. There are several variations of the exercise. You can perform squats while slightly moved frontward. This will increase the strain of the upper part of the body. You can put a box behind you which will help you to squat to the same position every time. But you must never disregard the pain in the lower back. If this exercise is producing too much pain, focus on the other exercises which have a similar purpose. Such exercise is the leg press.

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