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Introduction to knee injuries

A knee injury can be very painful and it can obviously prevent you from participating in everyday activities and doing things such as walking and running normally.

Knee injuries need to be taken very seriously because these joints and ligaments are very sensitive and very important to the leg as a whole, and that is why there are many recommended knee injury exercises that should be practiced in order to recover fully from the injury.

These exercises represent a type of rehab for the knee. These exercises serve to prevent the muscles that surround the knee from weakening while the knee is injured.

It is important to keep these muscles strong so that they will support the knee and allow it to recover at a quicker rate. Exercises

First and foremost, it is very important to stretch the knee. Stretching should be done before and after the exercises. When a person stretches, they are warming up the muscles and keeping them loose during the exercising.

The stretches for the knee are really simple as well, and it is best to speak to a physical therapist, who will recommend what types of stretches are best according to the type of injury you have suffered.

It is important to exercise the muscles that are located around the knee, which means the hamstring, calf muscles and quadriceps as well.

One good exercise is the straight leg rise. In this exercise you lie on your back and then bend the knee that isn’t injured to a 90 degree angle. After that, you lift the injured leg straight up without bending the knee. Lift it about six inches off the ground. Hold it there for five seconds and repeat that exercise at least ten times.

It is also very important to build endurance in the muscles, and this is best done with low-impact cardiovascular activities. It is a good idea to ride a stationary bike, but also, even better if you are to find a pool, swimming is the best exercise, because there is much less stress on the joints and ligaments underwater, but at the same time, swimming is perfect for increasing muscle endurance without risking any further injury.

If you are looking to find good exercises for the legs, you can find them anywhere, especially on the Internet. However, it is best to talk to a physical therapist that knows your situation and will be able to recommend the best exercises to suit your situation.

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