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Knee pain canbe very difficult to cope with, because of the restriction of movement itcauses. Some basic movements such as getting up or sitting down can becomeunbearably problematic for people experiencing knee pain, and whatever theywant to do their restricted movements cause problems.

Knee jointis a hinge joint, which also means that it works in the same way as hinges on thedoor. Because of these joints, we can move forward and backward, but knee jointenable rotation, bending, straightening and twisting of the knees. Because ofso many possible actions, knee joint can be easily injured and as the resultpatients may have problems with (at least) some of the functions.

What CausesKnee Pain

Injuries tothe knee are the most common cause of knee pain, as expected. Various accidents,falls to the knee, or even over-use of the knee are frequent reasons for painfulsensations in the knee. Chondromalacia is the condition that might cause kneepain, and which is often seen in joggers who don’t rest their kneessufficiently.

Sport injuriesare also the potential cause of knee pain. Any sudden movement during therecreation or match, such as stopping, pivoting, turning or sudden and awkwardlanding after the jump may be the reason that causes knee pain.

Aging isalso significant factor, and elderly often experience knee pain as the sign ofthe degeneration of the joints.

Relieve theKnee Pain

People havingproblems to bend the knee usually can’t sit properly on the chair, cross theirlegs when sitting, kneel or climb up or down the stairs. These are positions inwhich the knee endures a lot of extra pressure and the condition is more commonto young women than in any other group of people.

Quad muscleexercises are proven to be very effective for patients suffering from knee painwhile bending. Stronger quads will take some weight and pressure off the knee,relieving the pain. Walking in the water and swimming are great exercises forquad muscles. There arealso therapeutic exercises recommended for people suffering from knee pain. Onesimple and effective exercise requires you to lay down, with legs stretched andthe feet turned outwards. Slowly, lift one leg up and then down, feeling thetightening in the inner side of the thigh. Repeat the exercise with the otherleg, and continue for 10 minutes, every morning and evening.

Additional advicesfor the health of your knees usually include: proper posture and the positionof your feet. Keep in mind that your feet should be straight in line, and notduck- or pigeon-toed. When taking the stairs, climb up using the entire foot. Whenclimbing down, it is always good to remember that you should step with your toe first,bend the knee and then step on the entire foot, every time.

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