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Many moms are low on energy caring for little ones does take a lot! It all starts with that early pregnancy fatigue, continues with the sleepless nights of the baby stage, and continues through adolescence. Why? There are lots of things that can run a person down, but a lack of self care is very high on the list. We've got some energy boosting tips for moms.

Recharge your batteries

Many moms are constantly surrounded by other people who expect stuff done for them. This is true for mothers who work outside of the home, work-at-home moms, and stay-at-home moms alike! Finding time to recharge your batteries by spending time with only yourself is really important if you are an introvert. It doesn't matter where, as long as it makes you feel truly relaxed. Reading a great book or going for a walk are some examples. Extroverts may be better off going for lunch with a friend, or enjoying a team sport every week.

Make sure you eat well

Healthy and balanced meals help keep anyone energetic. Unfortunately, many busy moms (me included!) often either skip meals or substitute them with unhealthy snacks. Commit to feeding yourself, as well as your kids, healthy meals... three times a day! Meal planning can help with this, and healthy meals do not have to take a lot of time or effort either. Being on the verge of dehydration is another really bad thing that sucks energy away. Drinking lots of clear fluids during the day helps a great deal.

Wave goodbye to perfection

Nobody's perfect, and while we all know that, many of us try anyway. Aiming for perfection doesn't make life any better or more pleasant, though... quite the opposite actually! Make peace with your "good enough" self, and don't torture yourself by telling yourself that you need to do more or be more. Make sure to enjoy life (the here and now), rather than planning for the future.

Try FlyLady

FlyLady and similar household organization systems get all family members involved in chores, and help you get a lot done in a small amount of time. That way, you will have more time for other things, and you won't feel like keeping your household running depends on you alone.

Work out

Working out regularly gives everyone more energy, obviously providing that your body is up to it. Choose a sport that you really enjoy, whether it is a team sport or something you do alone. Postpartum weight loss, a more toned body, and actually getting to spend some time by yourself, are all positive side effects of exercise, besides giving you more energy.

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