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Although summer is the favorite part of the year for many, it is not so good for one’s health. People tend to sweat a lot during this period and our organism produces less antibodies than usually, making us more prone to illnesses. Additionally, sun makes our skin less hydrated and excessive exposure to it can even be harmful for us. All in all, summer is not to be taken for granted but rather, especially if you are a male member of this planet’s population, you need to pay attention to certain things in order to spend it partying.
Every Man’s Summer Health Tips
As it is the case with every day of the year, summer only amplifies the necessity of proper and sufficient hydration. That being said, drink enough water. Do not allow the sensation of thirst to get to you since then it is already late.

Proper nutrition comes right after proper hydration. Namely, make sure you eat the right types of food and to eat a large variety of it. Avoid food rich in fat but rather eat something lighter but far more nutritive. It goes without saying that you must intake proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates in sufficient amounts. All these are a must for your body to function properly. Thus, incorporate fruits and vegetables into all meals and make the meals smaller in portions but more frequent during the day.
Since summertime is filled with activity and constant movement, we all lose significant amounts of energy. In order for all that energy to be formed again, one must have enough sleep. Sleep and rest are crucial for your overall health and condition and for that reason both are absolutely necessary.
Bearing in mind the fact that sun also drains our energy and that excessive exposure may damage our skin and eyes, be careful. Avoid the sun at some parts of the day. The peak of its danger is somewhere between 11am and 3pm. During that time of day, try to stay either in the shade or at home. Also, do not sunbathe for too long and wear sunscreen every time you go out.
In addition to the previously mentioned means of precaution, wear adequate protective clothes. Namely, wear bright colors, always wear a cap or something similar on your head and have sunglasses on. That way you prevent the sun from damaging your skin, your eyes or your hair since it can be harmful for each and every one of those.
Finally, be active. Summer temperatures and the sun itself may fall much harder on you if you are not in good physical condition. Thus, practice sports, recreate regularly through sport hobbies like running or rollerblading and enjoy the summer in excellent shape.

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