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Have you recently had a baby, and are you now hoping to get back in shape? Getting your old body back typically involves not just weight loss which can be accomplished naturally or through targeted dieting but also working out and toning your muscles again, especially in the abdominal area.

The difficulty is that most new moms are always with their baby, particularly if they are breastfeeding and the baby relies solely on them for food. Thankfully, some postpartum work outs can be done with your baby in tow. In the early weeks after giving birth, you'll feel sore and low on energy. If you are coping with the reality of caring for a newborn and boredom, which can be a natural consequence of being at home alone with a little one all day, you'd not be alone.

You will feel better mentally if you make sure you get out for a walk with your baby every day. Walking for at least 30 minutes daily will also give you your earliest postpartum work outs. Once the six week mark has passed, you are feeling better, your lochia (postpartum bleeding) has stopped and your abdominal muscles have moved together again, you can start doing more intensive work outs. I highly recommend downloading workout videos on the internet, or buying one.

You can give yourself an excellent daily work out at home while your baby is sleeping. The key is building your exercises up gradually and not doing too much, too fast. Mom and baby groups particularly yoga and pilates are another possibility. And, something I have written about before, physical training programs for soldiers give a very thorough work out and often require no special equipment at all.

There are many partner-assisted exercises too, which you could do together with your significant other to get in some bonding time as well as working on your muscles. And who knows? Miltary-style exercises with your partner may even lead to something else that will do wonders for your abs if you do it properly your first postpartum sex!

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