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Health Tips for Kids

Children need more vitamins and minerals for the development than the adults. Sometimes, it is not easy for parents to incorporate healthy food in the everyday activities or to keep an eye on both, proper diet and regular physical exercise. Talking to kids, advising them and showing a good example yourself might work in the right direction.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because it gives you enough energy for the incoming day. Use cereals and low fat milk, whole grain waffles, or whole wheat toast with some peanut butter. Snacks are necessary. Don’t eat just chips and cookies all the time, try something different. You could use dry cereals, a glass of milk with some crackers or an apple.

Your body needs different building material. If you tend to eat just hamburgers or ice cream, it doesn’t provide enough for you to develop properly. Try to balance the food you eat. You don’t need to avoid the burgers for good, but to remember that too much of the same thing every day is not healthy. Eat more fruits and vegetables, find out which one you haven’t tried yet or which one do you prefer. They are all rich in vitamins and minerals. Try whole grain breads, spaghetti or oatmeal.

Learn about the food you eat. Some things might have more sugar, salt or fat, and other are rich in vitamins and fibers. Combine the food and enjoy it. Eat when you are hungry and as much as your body needs. Don’t go overboard, sometimes you just want another slice of pizza although you don’t actually need it.

Be Active

Move whenever you can. Just walk, jog or ride a bike, instead watching TV at home. After an hour of reading or sitting, take a 10 minute brake and do something active. You should try to fit exercises into your everyday life, at least for half an hour every day.

Sometimes, it’s much more fun to ride a bike or exercise with someone else. Organize your friends and family and do something together every week.

There are some physical activities in your school. Join the sports team and be fit and feel good.

When you work out remember that the sweat and breathing hard form the activity is actually good for your heart. Keep in mind, however, that exercising is not something that changes your body over night. It takes time and persistence. Before the activity warm up your muscles, stretch and then you are ready for some harder stuff, like push-ups or weight lifting. After the exercise stretch yourself once more, breathe deeply and relax.

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