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It happens so often that the mothers to be neglect themselves while pregnant and after delivery. However, it is very important to keep yourself fit and healthy which will enable you to fell good and also to look after your new born.

The First Few Weeks After Delivery

In an idealistic world you will need someone to stay with you in your home for the first four weeks to help with the baby and to do the housework with you. This is a new and stressful time and you will need that person there whether it is your mum, mum in law or friend. The pressure of having a new baby in the house is overwhelming even for the best of us and by having a helping, encouraging pair of hands will be welcomed you can be sure of that. Your stress will be reflected on the baby and this is sometimes why you can see a new born that is bad-tempered and grumpy.

The Post Delivery Stitches and Depression

The joys of having a baby is so wonderful and when you ask a mother how she feels she will say its heaven, but the fact is that giving birth is not a walk in the park. She may have had to have stitches and now has to contend with her body healing as well as looking after her new born. The rate of mothers who suffer with postnatal depression can be from five percent up to twenty five percent and unfortunately a lot of new mothers will not admit to suffering with depression as she will feel guilty for this feeling. However it is so important that as a close family member you support her and if needed to do the research on how to help best and find the adequate treatment for her as she may not want to do it herself. She will feel mentally and physically drained from the sleepless nights, so perhaps by helping her to have the opportunity to sleep whilst you feed and change the baby you could help her to reboot her energy levels.The Period after Birth

There are so many changes the female body will go through in the pregnancy and afterwards. The uterus would have had around four and a half liters of water in it so now after the birth the body will need to start to expel this water and reduce in size.

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