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Who doesn't like shopping for babies? When someone you know your wife, sister, daughter, or friend, for instance is expecting a baby, it is all too easy to get carried away by buying clothes, toys, and baby gear for the little one. But expectant moms love to be pampered too, and they definitely deserve it. What are the best gifts you can make expectant moms happy with?

A professional massage. Nearly all pregnant women feel rough sometimes. Back pain, hip pain, and swollen ankles are extremely common during those nine months. A nice relaxing massage given by someone who knows what to do and what to avoid with pregnant women is a wonderful gift she'll be delighted to receive. A belly band. Belly bands help pregnant ladies wear their own, pre-pregnancy clothes for much longer, and they also give support to the pelvic area, making pregnancy more comfortable. In addition, they can be used postpartum for comfort and to help the abdomen return to its previous size. Meal vouchers. The newborn period is one that hardly allows time for cooking, and besides that bonding with the new baby is much more important. Giving meal vouchers will be much appreciated. You can either give vouchers for a local restaurant that offers a delivery service, or make your own vouchers for meals you make that mom can cash in! A maternity pillow. This is a pretty nifty invention that allows pregnant moms to sleep more comfortably while they are gestating. And once the baby is born, it can be used to prevent him from falling off the adult bed at nap time when he starts to roll over. And yet later, it can be a toy for a toddler. A good baby carrier. These are so handy, and allow moms to take their baby everywhere without hassle. Check out our baby carrier shopping tips for more info.

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