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Don'tEver Forget: Moms are People, too

A modern woman is normally just as busy as the modernman, and when the modern woman becomes the modern mother she retainsall of her previous engagements and adds some more, which in turnmakes her shift more from busy to super busy.

Thisis why the modern mother sometimes feels it is necessary toconsciously neglect her own well-being as her sense of personalaesthetics. This isn't fair and it shouldn't have to be that way.

Amother has all the same rights to feeling appealing just as any otherfamily member has. So accordingly, this article aims to providehealth and beauty tips for the busiest family member.

Eatinga Healthy Diet

Skippingmeals and eating on the go is a common habit of a lot of busymothers. However, neither of the two is a good idea. That's why amother may opt to bash two activities together, namely: spendingquality time with the kids and eating meals with them.

Anothergood idea for a busy mother would be preparing an extra meal whilepacking lunch for the kids, and then when they're off to having itherself.

Allowingthe daily fatigue to get in the way of eating family dinners isanother no-no. If it is absolutely necessary a refreshing shower maybe a just reason for the dinner being late.

Engagingin Indulgences

Amother, like any other family member, deserves her indulgences. Itdoesn't have to go big, it may be as simple as a dip in the hotbubble bath, applying face pack, spending some extra time doing thenails, enjoying a foot rub or an oil massage for mum's hair, a fancyhaircut, you name it.

Wrappingup the Day in Style

Thisinvolves practicing health and beauty rituals before hitting the sack– no matter how exhausted mum could be, this is an important treatat the end of her day. It could be a long, warm bath, combing herhair until it shines, using night cream facial applications, amassage of her hands and legs using a vitamin lotion, et cetera.

NotSkipping Regular Doctor Visits

Becausemothers are not machines, they need their regular medical attentionas well. This involves not ignoring minor headaches and pains justbecause “there isn't enough time provided at the moment.”


Eventhe busiest of schedules aren't fully packed. Any available gap maybe used by mum to socialize with her girlfriends. This could beachieved by making plans ahead, instead of allowing the gap to be a“mere accident”, or a flaw in daily agenda, if you please. Thesemay involve shopping sprees, spa visits, or merely lunching out withthe ladies.

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