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An earache (also known by the medical term otalgia) can be a very painful condition. It occurs when the Eustachian tube, which is the tube that connects the middle ear with the throat, gets clogged.

There are many possible causes of an earache. The most common are exposure to very loud sounds, exposure to cold wind, a common cold, injury to the ear or the side of the head, ear infection, foreign bodies stuck in the ear, excessive amounts of wax in the ear, pressure differences that may occur while swimming or flying in an airplane) and diseases that affect the ear-throat-nose area.

Earaches seem to affect more children than adults. Also, it is more likely to happen during the night, due to the position of the body and the lack of throat movement.

Sometimes, when the piercing pain in the ear starts, it is hard to find a drugstore or a pharmacy in which to buy medicine, so it is good to know some of the home remedies that will help with the pain.

A teaspoon of sesame oil and a half a clove of garlic are mixed together and heated until the mixture is warm. A few drops of this remedy in the ear will be very effective against the pain. It is important to lay down on the side that is opposite to the ear in which the oil is applied, so it will stay inside.

Some licorice and ghee mixed together in a paste and applied externally around the ear in order to bring almost instant relief.

If there is pus in the ear as well as the pain, the remedy for it is very simple. A few leaves of guggulu herb are burned and extinguished before they burn out. The smoke from the leaves is supposed to enter the ear and stop the pus.

An oil can be made from a few tulsi leaves chopped and heated, and the oil that comes out is to be applied inside the ear in drops.

If there is a mango tree available near by, a few tender leaves chopped and slightly heated make an excellent remedy for earache.

A soothing liquid can be simply be made by heating some ginger oil and applying it in drops inside the ear. The same goes for onion juice.

Another effective remedy for earaches is to put some warmed mustard oil in the ear.

Sometimes, if the pain in the ear occurs suddenly in the middle of the night, it can be helpful to simply sit up or stand up, and to shake and nod the head a little. The motion and the upright position may help to unclog the tubes.

In case the earache is caused by pressure changes during a flight, it helps to chew a gum, to suck on a hard candy or to simply yawn a few times.

People who are prone to earaches should be careful during cold and windy days protect their ears with a hat or with cotton balls inserted in the ear.

To prevent ear damage due to noise and very loud sounds, for example in concerts, clubs, rallies and similar events, it is important to stand away from the speakers or other sources of sound.

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