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Earache is a condition that mainly occurs either because of the trapped moisture in the ear or due to some injury to the ear. Once the moisture is trapped into the ear canal, it becomes an ideal environment for the various microbes like bacteria, which then start to overproduce and cause the condition called swimmer’s ear. On the other side, when the ear canal is injured, the skin in the ear canal is broken and thus, it becomes an ideal place for the development of the bacterial infection.

Symptoms of earache

The pain in the outer or the inner ear is the first warning sign of this ear disorder and when the ear is either tugged or pulled, the pain tends to aggravate. However, earache is the ear disorder which may be accompanied by many other symptoms, like dull buzzing in the ear or swelling in the ear. Furthermore, some people with earache may experience ringing in the ear or even temporary hearing loss.Some symptoms of earache may include itching, thick drainage in the ear and a feeling of fullness in the ear.

The babies are likely to suffer from earache and when it happens, they usually experience fever, poor feeding and vomiting. Moreover, diarrhea, irritability and sleep disorders are also observed in babies who come to suffer from earache. The pain in the ear which lasts more than a couple of hours should be reported to a doctor since it may lead to the impairment of the hearing ability.

Treatment and remedies for earache

In the majority of cases, when earache is in question, the doctors prescribe ear drops to be poured in the affected ear and antibiotics, which should be enough to fight the bacterial infection in the ear. The pain is typically treated by some prescribed analgesic, while warm compress should be applied to the ear in order to melt the wax and facilitate its drainage from the ear. An otolaryngologist should be visited to eliminate the thick drainage accumulated in the ear in order to speed up the healing of the infection.

There are a few effective home remedies which can alleviate the symptoms of earache. It is recommended to put about 5 drops of warm blend of sesame oil and garlic in the affected ear. Ginger juice and onion juice, as well as the mixture of mustard oil and pieces of radish, are also very beneficial when earache and its symptoms are in the question.

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