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Both children and adults suffer quite often from earache. This problem usually occurs most often because of the infection of the inner ear and the infection of the outer ear. Outer ear infection is also known as otitis externa and the infection of the inner ear is known as otitis media. Children younger than the age of five are more likely to suffer from the infection of the outer ear. The reason for that is because of all the bacteria and fungi that are present in water bodies like lakes, pools and swimming pools.

Common earache causes in children

There are various ways a child can end up with an earache. For instance, swimming in lakes, ocean or dirty swimming pools will lead to earache because these waters are full of micro-organisms that cause an earache. An injury to the middle ear or ear drum often leads to infection of the inner ear. Apart from these, some other problems like dental, allergies and infection of the middle ear can all cause earache. People who fly often suffer from earache because of the changes in ear pressure. Too much ear wax or fluid in the ear can also cause earache as well.

Various earache remedies for children

A lot of people blow hot air into the ear of the child that suffers from earache. Blow dryer is usually used in such a case but parents need to keep the dryer at a safe distance from the ear, some 18 inches. This method provides instant relief.

Another excellent remedy is warmed up licorice with one tablespoon of ghee. This paste should be applied externally on the ear of the child and left like that for no more than half an hour. A lot of people agree that this is the best way to treat an earache.

A person can warm eight leaves of castor plant and mix it with some warm sesame or mustard oil. The mixture should be then dabbed around the ear of the child. This will get rid of the fire ear pain. A parent can also mix a cup of water with two cups of vinegar and a single tablespoon of rubbing alcohol. A parent should clean the external ear of the child once per day.

Protecting the ear of the child from cold temperatures helps as well. For such a purpose a person can foment the ear externally with cotton. A person who experiences ear pain during flying can try to ease the pain by chewing candies or a chewing gum. These are some of the mostly used remedies for earache.

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