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Earache is a common ailment that seems to affect children more than adults. Some people are particularly sensitive and tend to get earache several times a year. Earache occurs of different reasons and there is an array of treatment options, consisting both of medications and natural remedies.

Causes of earache

Earache occurs for a number of reasons. It can be caused by clogged earwax blocking the ear, or by moisture trapped inside. It happens sometimes after swimming, as well as after changes of atmospheric pressure, for example while traveling in an airplane or scuba diving. Earache is often caused by an infection, because the ear is a perfect environment for the bacteria to grow and multiply.

Earache can also be caused by loud noise and by mechanical injury or trauma to the ear.

Home remedies for earache

There are hundreds of recipes for home remedies and it seems that every family has a different one that they traditionally use.

Garlic is the ingredient in many of these remedies. Half a clove of garlic, combined with a teaspoon of sesame oil, should be heated until warm and then gently poured inside the ear, while lying on the side.

Some licorice warmed up in ghee can be used the same way too.

Four or five cloves of garlic can be soaked in some linseed oil that is then burnt. The oil should be strained, stored in a bottle and applied every morning and before bedtime until the earache stops.

Basil can be very effective against earache too. Basil leaves a handful of them, should be ground in a blender or in a mortar until the juice or oil comes out. The liquid should then be warmed to a bearable temperature and poured into the affected ear.

Mango leaves can be prepared in the exact same way, for the same effect.

A couple of radishes can be finely chopped, soaked in mustard oil and warmed. This makes a great earache remedy. Alternatively, if the radishes are not available, mustard oil can be used alone. Mustard oil or linseed oil can also be combined with fenugreek seeds.

Freshly extracted ginger juice also brings significant relief for pain in the ear.

Juice extracted from one onion can be applied into the affected ear before going to bed and it should bring immediate relief.

If the earache is caused by swimming or diving, it helps to put some mineral oil into each ear before going into the water.

If the pain occurs during flying, chewing a gum, sucking on a hard candy or simply yawning should solve the problem.

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