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Deafness is a condition in which a person is unable to hear clearly. Deafness can be causes by the certain types of drugs such as Aspirin and antibiotics like gentamycin, kanamycin and dihydrostreptomycin. These inorganic drugs actually have certain side effects and deafness may be among them, so one should always use herbal remedies which always operate in synergy with the body. Other causes of deafness may include injuries, nerve loss, concussions and ears plugged.

Herbal Remedies and Aids

Dr. Christopher’s nervous system formula with black cohosh is a program that has helped numerous patients regain and enhance their hearing. Certain patients are only able to hear loudest noises when their hearing aids are turned up full, and they cannot indulge in numerous everyday activities nor can they use the phone.

These patients can benefit greatly from using garlic oil and B & B tincture. A patient uses an eyedropper to insert a few drops of the tincture into each ear, and plugs the ears with cotton during the night. This needs to be done for six days in a row, while the seventh day needs to be skipped and the therapy can last for up to six months if the patient feels the need to do so.

The seventh day involves flushing out the ears with a small syringe filled with distilled water and apple cider vinegar. Many persons considered legally deaf were able to hear again after using this therapy and there have been numerous cases of deaf people not having to rely on their hearing aids after using this therapy.

The therapy can also be beneficial for those who suffer from tinnitus and earaches. The formula was established when trying to invent a proper treatment for a patient who suffered from epilepsy. By accident the formula was used on a neighbor child that suffered from earache. Marjoram is another herbal remedy that can provide a patient with superb results.

Wild or cultivated marjoram can be used to make juice. The juice needs to be dropped into the ears and it is very efficient in treating noise, pain, ringing and deafness. Mullein oil is another remedy that is very beneficial in relieving earache, although an ointment can be used for the same purposes. The oil is efficient in soothing the irritation, softening the ear wax and moistening the insides.

Ear candles can be very efficient in clearing the wax in the ears.

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