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Ear infections are a common health problem that affects all people, regardless of their age and sex, although they are particularly common during childhood. These infections can develop as a result of a common cold or a throat infection, or they can be caused by bacteria or viruses.

Garlic is well-known for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, as well as for its ability to fight viral infections. It is commonly used to treat seasonal infections like common cold, flu, sore throat and others, and it can also be used to cure an ear infection. It can be taken orally, but with caution, because it has blood-thinning properties and it is not recommended for people who are already taking blood thinners.

Application of garlic oil is one of the bets ways to cure ear infections, and it can be prepared and used in several different ways.

Garlic oil for ear infections: method one

One of the easiest ways to make garlic oil is to use the microwave. The only problem is that garlic oil prepared this way does not have a long shelf life and should be used all at once. For this method, vegetable oil, preferably high quality olive oil, should be mixed in a bowl together with a few chopped garlic cloves. The mixture is then put in the microwave oven to warm it up. The oil should be warm but not hot, otherwise it may burn. It is then gently poured into the ear using a Q-tip or an ear dropper, with the head slightly tilted sideways so the oil does not leak. After the oil is applied into the ear, it is recommended to use a small cotton ball to protect the ear.

Garlic oil for ear infections: method two

In this method the oil and the garlic, again chopped finely or squeezed through a garlic press, should be mixed together and allowed to blend for a week. After a week, the oil is used the same way as described in the method one. This is a great remedy but the problem is that it needs to rest and it cannot be used instantly. Still, it is suitable for infections that do not subside quickly and last for more than several days.

Garlic oil for ear infections: method three

In this method, two or three cloves of garlic are cooked for 15 minutes in a cup of oil. After 15 minutes, the oil is strained through a cheesecloth or a gauze. The next step is to allow the oil to cool, pour it in a clean jar, seal it and refrigerate it. Garlic oil prepared this way can be used for three weeks. It is recommended to warm the oil up before pouring it into the affected ear.

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