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An earache is a common problem that results form an infection or a mechanical damage to the ear.

Eustachian tube is a tube that connects the ear and the nose. In case of infection it may become blocked and cause pressure and pain.

The symptoms of earache are pressure, swelling and pain, which may be sharp and sudden or dull and prolonged. Hearing may be temporarily affected and there may also be nose congestion and itching. Sore throat and fever are not unusual for ear infections, and there may even be some blood or pus coming from the ear.

People who have an earache generally should consult a doctor but if the pain is not too severe there are also some home remedies that may bring relief.

Ear oil is a remedy that takes sometime to prepare because it needs to rest for 10 days, but it is good to have it around just in case, especially in a family with children who get earaches a lot. It is made with a garlic clove, peeled and chopped, and some mullein leaves, mixed together with two thirds of a cup of olive oil. This mixture should be put in a sterile glass jar and left for about ten days. After that period, the mixture is strained through clean gauze or muslin, the oil is ready for use and in case of an earache should be applied three or four times a day, a few drops directly into the ear.

Another, more simple oil for earache is made from a whole bulb of garlic crushed and mixed with some olive oil. The mixture should be allowed to sit for a few days and slightly warmed up before the use. Remedies made with garlic are very effective because garlic has significant antibacterial properties.

Freshly squeezed peppermint juice is also very beneficial in case of an earache. It can be made with a handful of fresh leaves that are ground and squeezed until the juice comes out.

Ginger juice and sesame oil, mixed in equal amounts and warmed up make very effective ear drops that relieve the symptoms of earache.

Hydrogen peroxide can be used for disinfecting the ear. It should be applied in drops directly into the ear and then flushed out with some warm water. Ear should be dried up carefully after this treatment. This method can also be used as a form of prevention because it dissolves the build-up of wax inside the ears that sometimes causes earache.

Swimmers sometimes suffers from earaches and in their case this problem can be prevented by applying mineral oils before going for a swim and wearing earplugs to protect the ear.

Pain and pressure inside the air that some people experience during airplane trips can be relieved simply by yawning, chewing gum or sucking on hard candy.

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