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Tooth decay can be caused by one of the three reasons, tooth decay, tooth cavity and tooth bacteria. It is a very common problem and is caused by an inflammation of a tooth pulp. If you want to minimize the effects of a toothache, it is not unusual to use strong spirits, such as brandy or whiskey. Rinsing the mouth with a spirit can reduce the feeling of momentary pain within mouth. Further on, it is not unusual to chew on an Aspirin, with a tooth that is rancid, to relieve pain.

Oregano oil, mixed with olive oil is also a top remedy for a tooth ache, rubbed into the hurting place in gums. After every meal, one should gargle the hydrogen peroxide, in order to strengthen the teeth, and to get rid of all bacteria within the mouth. Boil a cup of water and dissolve 5 grams of peppermint in it, with a little salt, it is a great remedy for a toothache, and other aches. If a person has a toothache, the amount of calcium and vitamin C, should be amplified, due to accelerated recovery. Turmeric powder, mixed with mustard oil, and applied to an aching tooth can be a real pain reliever. Also, an intake of sugar ingredients should be minimized, due to a tooth inflammation.

To reduce a germ percentage in their mouth, one is advised to chew on an onion, to get rid of any harmful germs. One of the immediate relief‘s for a toothache, is to make a paste of the bay berry bark, and to mix it with some vinegar, and than to smear it on the tooth area that has been affected. Also, some of clove oil mixed with pepper powder, applied to the area should help. Vanilla extract, dropped on the place of inflammation will also do the job. The wheat grass can also be extracted of juice. The juice of wheat grass, applied to the troubled area is extremely beneficial. The spinach leaves, when chewed, make an extremely good protection from tooth decay. Mixing a bit of pepper powder with some salt, applied to the troubled area, can also relieve from pain. A clove of garlic applied to the troubled area, can also be a pain reliever.

One of the simplest methods of treating a toothache is to chew on some guava leaves. Also, a piece of garlic, cleaned and properly pressed on a troublesome area, can be a very good pain reliever.

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