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Someone might be skeptical and maybe even a bit repulsed by the suggestion to use garlic as the main ingredient of their ear drops. And, while the suggestion is a bit unconventional, garlic oil ear drops are actually able to treat almost any kind of ear issue. Also, the fact that their smell is so distinct has actually proven to be helpful with infections, as are the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics of the garlic.

How does garlic oil treat an ear infection?

Garlic oil is actually a very old home remedy which is used to treat ear infections, and quite successfully at that. This has also been verified by some scientific research, and garlic oil has been proclaimed as the best kind of cure for ear infections. This is thanks to its component which is called allicin and is able to get rid of the bacteria and accelerate the healing process. Also, an infection is not the only ear condition that garlic oil ear drops can help with. They cover all kinds of conditions, from a simple ache of the ear, to ear wax and presence of clogged ear.

How can garlic oil ear drops be made at home?

First of all, unfortunately for those who boycott or simply do not own a microwave, it’s important to emphasize at the beginning that it is required in order to make garlic oil ear drops. Anyway, the first step of the process is mixing together a clove of garlic and half a cup of oil in a bowl. The mixture should be heated up in the microwave, but not longer than one minute. When that’s done, the garlic oil ear drops are simply to be applied to the ears, and that’s pretty much the whole process. It’s necessary to remember that these drops can’t really last longer than a couple of days. After that, their beneficial effect is expired and they are no longer considered healthy.

Also, it’s pretty much enough to apply these drops to the ear for two weeks maximum. A neat little trick is to seal the oil and the garlic together in a jar and leave them like that for a while, until the oil has absorbed as much of the antibacterial properties of the garlic as possible.

How is the garlic beneficial to the health?

Garlic is known to get rid of any infection, not just the ones affecting the ears. These infections are usually obtained through injuries, cuts and fungus. It can also help with relieving the symptoms of a cold or a flu as it soothes the cough and clears the respiratory system.

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