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This kind of infection is actually the process that is located on the part of the hearing system, called the middle ear. It happens as the consequence of the entrance of bacteria or viruses through the cavity of the ear, and it is more common in children because, apparently, their Eustachian tube is much smaller and it is the good place for the germs to settle and multiply.

The Natural Treatments

Since the infections of the ears happen very easily, there are a lot of both, the synthetically made, and naturally based herbal remedies for treating this condition. So, here are the most popular homemade remedies for the infection of the ears, although the conventional medicine offers a lot of solutions to this problem, as well. However, those medications are not free of the negative side-effect and that is why the use of the natural remedies is more than welcome. For example, the medications in forms of the solutions intended for the topical use should be avoided in the cases of the damaged eardrum.

First of all, the infected liquid from the tube must be pulled out, and the best way to do that is with the mildest type of the hydrogen peroxide, which should be introduced into the ear, so that this solution could decompose the liquid. Also, for alleviating the pain and lessening the swelling, in the case of these kind of the spots on the body, something hot should be applied in the ear (unlike the swelling on the leg, for example, which should be treated with something cold).

Also, there are other solutions intended to be put on directly to the affected spot, but not more than two drops in each ear, 3 times daily, and, of course, when still warm. Those are the solutions of about 10 drops of the almond oil and chamomile, tea tree and lavender oil (in the proportions: 2, 3 and 2 drops), or the solution based on the same quantities of the same oils, but enriched with the oil extracted from thyme, instead of the chamomile oil. For the faster effect, the sterilized cloth can be immersed into the hot (but not too hot) solution and put directly in the ear.

But, in the case of the red thyme, one must use it very carefully, since the small children, and the people who suffer from epilepsy and hypertension mustn’t use it. Also, when using these drops for the ear infection in the infants, the mentioned quantity of the mixed oils, which should be a little more than one tbsp., should be attenuated with about 50 ml of lukewarm sterilized water.

Since the increased pressure is another symptom of the middle ear infection, it could be alleviated the best way by chewing the gum that is rich in Xylitol. This substance also kills the germs that caused the infection.

And finally, if the infection returns after some time, (the consequence of the abnormal multiplication of Candida because of the excessive intake of the antibiotics), one must also stay away from the highly processed sugars, as well.

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