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Ear Infections and Homeopathy

Ear infection, particularly middle ear infection, is fairly common in the small children under the influence of colds or flu. However, this is not the only target group, since these particular infections are also common to all other ages as well. A particular allergy or a tonsil swelling, in case of which adenoids block the Eustachian tubes and sinus ways, can initiate one type of ear infections thus bringing about inflammation and concentration of larger amounts of fluid in the middle ear. The main consequence of this is the occurrence of pressure that provokes unpleasant pain, and in more severe cases, a rupture in a person’s eardrum. Some other types of ear infections have other side effects. Infection caused by a fungus or bacteria can have a negative effect on the outer ear.

Homeopathic Remedies

Aconitum napellus is employed in case a person suffers from sudden throbbing and cutting, and fairly intense pain. This type of pain usually occurs after a person has spent some time in cold and wind, and in some cases if a person has had some sort of troublesome and tremulous experience. Due to all this, high fever occurs, followed by unquenchable thirst.

Chamomilla. Sudden attacks of unbearable pain are the first signs of the necessity to use this herbal medicine. In case of children, uncontrollable anger and agitation are often present, followed by the urge to hit and shout. One of the ways to ameliorate these symptoms is to take your child in arms and carry it around the room, or rocking it until the attacks cease. Be careful not to expose your child to heat and wind.

Ferrum phosphoricum has the ability to ameliorate and ease the ear pain, as well as the ear inflammation to a great extent, and in some cases even prevent the earache from developing further, if given right at the outset.

Belladonna is to be employed as a healing aid in case of a sudden powerful fits of earache, followed by inflammation and rise in temperature.

Magnesia phosphorica – if a person suffering from an earache feels much better once the pressure and additional warmth are enforced, then this is the best cure for it.

Hepar sulphuris calcareum is intended for extremely intense and unbearably painful earaches or infections, which have started to develop and thus gained in intensity. This natural homeopathic remedy is to be employed without any second thoughts in such cases.

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