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What is the problem of the dry nose?

The problem of the dry sensation in the nose is the result of the depletion of the moisture in the nasal cavities. It is the common damage to the membrane of the inner part of the nasal airways, which should be always mucous and damp, and that serves as the normal protection from the infections and the pollutants and allergens from the environmental air that gets inhaled.

So, when the dryness is felt, it is not too severe health problem, but it should be treated as soon as possible, since it almost always leads to the damage of the lining. That damage is usually manifested as the lesions and bleeding, due to the decreased elasticity of the lining, which is caused by the lack of the moisture inside the nose. Also, the damaged membrane is more likely to be infected.

In order to choose just the right treatment, it is essentially important to know the provoker of the condition and to directly attack it. Nevertheless, the dryness in the nasal cavities is most commonly provoked by the excessive use of the decongestants for alleviating the symptom of some other underlying respiratory problem. Besides that, the dryness may be caused by the syndrome which includes the depletion of the humidity of all the foreskins in the body. Also, the lowered production of collagen can lead to this symptom, which can be also triggered by the dry environmental air and the nasal infections, of course.The most effective solutions to this problem

Anyway, when it comes to the treatment of this problem, naturally, the remedies rich in the moisturizing agents are the basis of the healing program. So, they usually come in the form of the ointments and creams, intended for the topical use. For the similar purpose, one should purchase the humidifier for the room in which spends the most of the time. For providing enough humidity in the nose, very beneficial is the petroleum, which also helps the regeneration of the damaged lining. Additionally, the oil extracted from sesame is very valuable folk remedy for the dried membrane of the nose.

Of course, this problem should be attacked from the inside, too, and for that purpose, one must increase the intake of the fluids, but to avoid the beverages rich in the substances that absorb the water, such as caffeine and alcohol. However, in order to irrigate the nasal passages, it is good to use the solution based on the salt which has the antiseptic properties.

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