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Dry skin around the nose, being irritable and clearly visible is one of many skin problems people desire to get rid of as soon as possible. Usually, this skin issue becomes the most apparent during harsh weather exposure. Thus, winter triggers dry skin around the nose in most cases. However, low heat and humidity in general can cause this condition, along with allergies, acne and some of many skin diseases. Either way, treating this problem as soon as possible is highly recommended.

Reasons behind Dry Skin around the Nose

Once winter comes, our skin gets dehydrated and deprived of moisture. Then, the sensitive skin on our face, including the skin around our nose, becomes prone to itching and dryness. This condition is known as the winter itch. In order to prevent this problem, make sure you do not use harsh soaps for your facial hygiene. Also, keep the water you use for these purposes warm, not hot, use moisturizers on a regular basis and never leave home without proper protection from the wind and the sun.

Also, dry skin around the nose may be triggered by a condition called psoriasis. When dead skin cells over-accumulate on the surface of your face, this phenomenon results in flaky red patches, silvery scales and itchy rashes around the nose. Topical steroidal medications are capable of taking care of this skin problem. Take seborrheic dermatitis into consideration since it may be triggering the dry skin around your nose.

Dehydration can lead to this condition as well. Namely, due to the lack of sufficient levels of water in the organism, keratin in the skin crumbles and makes it dry, causing the chapping and peeling of the skin around the nose. Finally, some cosmetic products you are using on a regular basis may be too harsh for your skin type. Thus, never leave the soap on for too long, wash your body with warm water and use gentle moisturizers and other such products.

Treatment of Dry Skin around the Nose

First of all, seek medical attention if the reason behind the dry skin around your nose is an underlying medical condition. Otherwise, drink plenty of water, make sure you sleep enough and remain relaxed during your days, since stress and lack of sleep may easily lead to skin problems, exfoliate the skin regularly and keep it well moisturized. Finally, if your dry skin appears around the nose piercing you are having, this means that your hygiene regarding the piercing is not at an appropriately high level.

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