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There are a lot of places on the skin a person can be affected by dry skin. The hands and legs are commonly affected and do not cause a lot of problems. However, certain places, like the face, can be pretty troublesome for most because it is not a pretty sight. Apart from not being pretty and causing some of the common dry skin problems, dry skin around nose can be a sign of some underlying medical problem.

Dry skin around nose is a lot more common during the winter season. Apart from the flaky skin in that area, a person’s nose will also be red in color. People need to know that there are a lot of causes of dry skin around nose but the most common one is exposure to environmental conditions. Low humidity is a big problem for the skin. Allergies, acne and various skin diseases are also known to be the cause of dry skin around nose.

The causes of red dry skin around nose

Winter itch is one of the most common causes of this condition. The skin loses moisture more easily in cold weather. If there is not enough moisture, the skin will become dry and itchy. A person can prevent this from happening by not washing the face with hot water or with harsh soaps. Stepping out of the house when the sun is strong without the sunscreen should not be done.

Facial psoriasis is another cause of dry skin around nose. This skin disease is characterized by flaky red patches. A person with this problem should use topical steroidal medications to treat the problem.

Dehydration is another common cause of dry skin. People drink less water during winter and need to pay more attention to that. The skin needs water in order to remain healthy and smooth. People need to drink at least eight glasses of water every day.

Treatment for dry skin around nose

If this condition occurred due to some medical skin condition, a person should go to the hospital and the doctor will tell him or her what needs to be done.

If that is not the case, people need to know that there are various home remedies that can help. Keeping the skin hydrated is important and people can do that by drinking enough water. Regular exfoliation is helpful.

Stress is one of the causes and people should avoid stressful situations whenever that is possible. Using moisturizers is essential.

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