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Almost all people at least once in their life suffer from a stuffy dry nose. Stuffy dry nose is a nasal congestion that causes problems with breathing. When it comes to nasal clogging which is actually caused because of the swelling of the inner membranes of the nose, a person will experience a stuffy dry nose. This is not the only cause of stuffy dry nose and specific bacteria and viruses that enter the upper respiratory tract may cause it as well. These viruses and bacteria usually enter the respiratory tract through dust. Allergies, cold, sinusitis and hay fever may also decrease the ventilation of the sinuses and that may also cause nasal congestion. It is very important that the proper diagnosis is made in order for a person to avoid certain diseases like deviated nasal septum, swine flu, influenza and some other. The treatment plan will be made based on the cause of the stuffy dry nose.

Stuffy dry nose causes

In most cases it is the change in weather that causes the stuffy dry nose to occur. A change in humidity will expand a person's blood vessels in the nasal region which then leads to a dry stuffy nose. Other common factors that influence the occurrence of stuffy dry nose are allergies, tobacco smoke, chemical fumes and a variety of other fragrances. If a stuffy dry nose is caused by an infection a person may experience headache, facial tenderness and yellow nasal discharge. Some of the not so common causes of this disorder are adenoids, nasal polyps, thyroid problems and even high blood pressure.

Stuffy dry nose remedies

Most health providers will recommend a person to use saline drops because they will provide moisture and unclog the dry stuffy nose by doing that. If the breathing problems occur because of the excessive dry air a person should get a humidifier. A humidifier will aid a person in breathing normally and not having any sleeping problems as well. A person can add eucalyptus oil to hot water and inhale the steam in order to treat this disorder.Another good remedy is a mixture of garlic, aloe vera and honey. A person should dip two cotton balls in that mixture and then place them in his or her nostrils for a period of time. When to consult the doctor?

If a person experiences a thick and yellowish mucus, then it is time to go to the hospital. If sleep deprivation, fever or post-nasal drip are also experienced a person should seek medical help.

A person can prevent ending up with stuffy dry nose by following some simple tips. A person should wash the hands more often, consume a healthy diet, consume plenty of hot beverages and get enough sleeping hours.

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