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Only a few grown-up people in the world have probably never experienced headache or nose bleeds. When these two conditions occur separately, it is quite common and in most cases, they are not a reason for concern. They might also be the indicators of some serious health conditions, but when they occur simultaneously, it will frighten everyone who fears that the two symptoms might be the signs of some life threatening condition.

When nose bleeds occur at the same time with a headache, it happens that only one nostril bleeds. Very rarely, both nostrils bleed when a person is already suffering from headache. The reasons for the occurrence of nose bleeds and headache are numerous and before one opts for a treatment, it is necessary to detect the cause firstly. However, nose bleeding should be stopped right away since it can lead to the excessive blood loss, which might cause the loss of consciousness.

Causes of nose bleeds and headache

High blood pressure is one of the major causes for the incidence of headache and nose bleeds at the same time. Hypertension is a serious condition since it can induce many cardiovascular diseases and for that reason, it should be controlled all the time.Another major reason for the incidence of these two conditions is anemia. Therefore, when one comes to a doctor complaining about headaches and nose bleeds, the doctor orders a complete checkup as to discover whether hypertension or anemia causes these two symptoms. In cases when the ordered tests are proven to be normal, it is a sign that the person only suffers from mild nose bleeds.In most cases, the blow to the head causes nose bleeding and headache.It is also regarded that dry mucus membrane, which is the lining of the nose, might also induce frequent nose bleeds accompanied by headaches. This dryness leads to the cracking and nasal irritation, thus resulting in bleeding.The excessive use of the various nasal sprays for the treatment of sinusitis is also one of the potential causes for nose bleeds and headache.

How to stop nose bleeding

When the nose starts to bleed, the person should sit down first and then pinch the nose end for about 5 or 10 minutes. Applying the ice pack may also stop the nose bleeding, since the coldness tends to constrict the blood channels. In case when the bleeding lasts more than 20 minutes, it is recommended to seek a medical help.

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