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Drug addiction is a condition which affects many individuals. However, not many people understand this term and commonly judge drug addicts, being incapable of justifying these people. Yet, drug abuse is a condition which is very complex in nature. Therefore, preventing it is not easy at all. Every drug affects the brain in a different manner and, thereby, has a different effect, leading to a unique form of addiction.

The Current State of Affairs

Nowadays, we know much more about drug addictions than we did when these phenomena started appearing initially. Unfortunately, in order for this to be possible, many investments needed to be made. In fact, every year, about $600 billion is spent on providing health care for drug addicts and repairing the damage these people create while under the influence.

As for the types of drugs which are responsible for these expenses in the US, tobacco takes $193 billion, illicit drugs $181 billion and alcohol $235 billion. Moreover, the damage is actually much greater than financial one. Countless people and families get emotionally and physically destroyed by drug abuse and this awfully destructive habit is the main reason behind many divorces, school problems, loss of employment, child abuse, domestic violence etc.

Definition of Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is, basically, a disease which affects people chronically, leading to mental and physical dependency on certain drugs, making them seek and use these substances regardless of harmful effect they trigger. Drug addicts are incapable of resisting temptation when it comes to drug abuse and they are prepared to sacrifice anything, including their own lives in order to obtain and abuse drugs.

Nevertheless, drug addiction can be cured through proper treatment. However, relapse is very likely to happen if the former drug addict does not give his/her best to resist drugs for the rest of his/her life. It is a harsh battle where the odds are against the former addicts, in most cases. Many people have fallen into the clutches of drug addiction over and over again. Yet, seeking treatment every time has lead them to a stage where they can successfully prevent their addiction. Thus, it is never to late to fight drug addiction.

The Ways of the Drug

Basically, drugs interfere and disrupt our brain's natural processing, sending and receiving information by either imitating the messenger chemicals or overstimulating the “reward circuit” of our brain. So, drugs either fool your brain that it is feeling or experiencing something which it is actually not, or create addiction due to the fact that they make people feel happy, satisfied and carefree.

In time, larger doses of the drug are necessary for reaching the same “reward” effect, and people increase their intake.

Finally, biological, genetic and environmental factors, all are involved in the development of one's addiction.

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