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Each year, about 40 million people get involved in injuries, accidents or serious illnesses, all due to their drug abuse. Namely, more and more people are becoming drug addicts, regardless whether they are teenagers or adults, even though younger individuals seem to be excessively susceptible. Most of the drugs used by these people are psychoactive drugs, affecting the central nervous system and performance enhancing drugs, helping people achieve more in certain aspects of their lives, paying the price of becoming addicted.

Drug abuse Manifestations

The most severe problem related to drug abuse is the fact that people develop a dependency on the substance they are addicted to. This dependence may manifest through their psychological and physical cravings for the drug, manifesting through withdrawal symptoms whenever the next dose is not taken on time. Drugs give people an illusion of well-being and this state of artificial, short-lasting bliss and security which disappears as soon as the drug wears off. Therefore, obtaining and taking the drug becomes the primary goal of every addict and he/she neglects his/her family, relationships, career and goals in life, only to focus on feeding the addiction itself.

If an addict is using some sort of intravenous drugs, long-term abuse may lead to development of HIV and many other diseases, especially if the addict is sharing needles with other abusers or takes the drug in unhygienic surroundings.

Other serious side-effects of drug abuse are severe weight loss or weight gain, breathing difficulties and increased blood pressure as well as heart rate.

How to Prevent Drug Addictions?

Most commonly, people, especially younger individuals, take drugs because they want to overcome certain problems like childhood abuse, family issues, pressure and high expectations of others etc. With these problems affecting a teenager's life and the streets full of easily obtainable, cheap drugs, more and more young people become addicted to various substances. In the beginning, the abuse is more like an act of fun or mischief, later evolving into an uncontrollable addiction.

Young people commonly use club drugs such as ecstasy or even sniff glue, drink alcohol, smoke tobacco and marijuana and find various other substances to abuse and seek refuge through, developing addictions.

Children and adolescents who are idle are more likely to abuse drugs than those who lead active lives. Knowing this, prevention is better than curing the problem once it escalates. So, most organizations which give their best to prevent drug addictions in teenagers, try to keep these individuals busy by keeping them interested and involving them in various activities. Also, education about different drugs and the negative effects these have on the body and the mind of the addict is crucial.

Finally, schools, playgrounds, parks and other public places of this type should be considered drug-free zones, protected by law enforcement and the government itself. This way, the youngest among us will stay protected and safe.

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