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Why is blaming everything and everyone something that some people tend to do when they have a problem they cannot solve? This might be applied to some obese people who do not seem to be able to lose the weight, no matter what they do. Whatever they might try is not working, exercises, supplements, dieting – the blame game intensifies then, but there are still no results. So, what are the options for those people, can they lose weight and become healthy or not?


They have to realize something before they even try anything. Losing weight is not about push-ups, running, eating almost nothing and similar things, it is about defeating the monster in your mind, the monster satisfied only with eating mountains of food, junk food (not anything healthy) and not doing one thing for the well being of the organism it dwells in. This might sound like exaggeration, but there are obviously two sides in the obese person's mind. One is set to be healthy and decrease weight down to normal values, while the other could not care less about it. Unfortunately, this other side wins often and then the consequences of the obesity are felt. Those are decreased energy and libido, weak and easily fatigued muscles, and increased risk of getting affected by certain medical conditions related to the cardiovascular system.

Rainy and shiny days

It is obvious that after the rain sun will come up and this can be also said for the body of an obese person. But, in case of an obese person, weight will not come on its own. It needs to be eliminated and for that to happen, a person will need a lot of patience and inner strength. Also, that process will have its good and bad days (rainy and shinny). This is when so-called plateau in weight reduction is reached and has to be overcome. Also, sometimes a person simply cannot exercise or follow the strict rules of a diet. Those are dangerous moments when a person might quit the regime and return to the old eating habits, which are completely unhealthy, of course.

An obese person has to realize that he or she is directly responsible for a current condition of the body and that returning the organism to the healthy status again will take some time, because it cannot be done in a matter of weeks, at least not in a safe way. Couple of months with healthy, not so strict diet and with constant physical activity should be more than enough for some drastic changes in the weight and the appearance.

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