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It is obvious that obesity presents a large problem today, one that cannot be easily battled with. This means that people try to get as much help as possible from all possible directions, which does sound a bit too much, since there is only one thing that needs to be done for eliminating the fat. That one thing is deciding to reduce weight and sticking to it, because once this is achieved, the tools for doing that are not that relevant. Weight will be lost whether it is through exercises, diets or the combination of both.


Of course, it is much better if the diet used is a healthy one, which includes eating healthy with eliminated junk food and with increased physical activity. The point of both dieting and exercising is that a person must enjoy it. This is not difficult when it comes to exercising because effects show up quickly, muscles become strong, exercising is easier and the overall energy of the organism is increased, but the problem is with the diets. The diet is all about changing the bad eating habits and that is not easy, especially because most of us take junk food for a better mood, or while watching TV, or when spending time with friends, etc. It is not easy to withhold from eating some chocolate cake when in restaurant, surrounded with good company and good mood (and with all of them eating that same cake).

There are really many diets and unfortunately, most of them are not healthy for the organism, although we have to admit that using some not so healthy diet might create an effect that will eventually lead to a healthy body. Still, it is better to use some healthy, balanced menu with the total amount of calories just slightly reduced, than to go with some strict and low calorie diet. However, it is obvious that most of the people simply do not want to wait for the result to come slowly and naturally. That is when fast diets and other methods are used. Those might not be that dangerous, but they cannot be called healthy either.


One of the methods used for fast weight reduction includes using hCG injections for weight loss. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone that is secreted in human body, but its secretion is very high in women when pregnancy starts. Actually, this is the first indicator whose levels show the presence of pregnancy. The role of this hormone is to start using fat for the energy needed for pregnancy. This is also done in hCG diet, especially for the fat that cannot be eliminated easily, fat in and around the organs. Even though this might prove to be an effective diet, there is a chance of side effects emerging for both men and women, and they are similar to those that happen with hormonal changes in the organism. We cannot say if this diet is good or bad, it has its good and possible bad sides, but if it is used, the doctor should be consulted before starting, while if side effects emerge, the diet should be stopped.

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