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When discussing obesity and reasons why it is dangerous, people usually do not have in mind a couple ofpounds more, but extreme obesity which endangers the health of a person. What are medicalconsequences of obesity?


It has to be said that everything that disturbs a naturalbalance and harmony in the organism will disturb the health status, which might lead to some medical consequences. Therefore, when a person eats toomuch, including bad food as well, the body’s weight will increase and fattissue will be accumulated. Of course, this condition is called obesity and it has itsnegative effects. One of the first symptoms is lack of energy. Actually, theamount of energy is the same as before, but now, with more weight to move, the bodyspends more energy for same motions and becomes tired. Also, there is anincreased risk of becoming affected by diabetes, which happens because glucose levelsin the blood are very high, so high that pancreas simply cannot produce enough insulin, which makes it possible for the glucose to enter the cells. Diabetes is not life threateningcondition, but only provided a person obeys certain rules and follows a strict liferegime, with restrictive diets and light physical activity.

Cardiovascular system is also a victim of obesity. When alot of fat is inserted via food, there is also a lot of cholesterol that mightaccumulate in the bloodstream. This cholesterol can create physical obstacles forblood to flow freely, which is a big problem if it happens in small arteries(especially those that bring nutrients to the heart muscles). So, this problem canbecome a dangerous situation, if a heart attack happens. In this situation,exercising is not helping much; cholesterol has to be reduced with changes in themenu.


These are all major things because of which obesity should beeliminated, if possible. There is also one more thing that is problematic forobese people and it refers to the loss of self-confidence and cutting down socializing to aneeded minimum. Most of obese people are not so eager to go out; they think theylook ridiculous and that they will not find a partner easily. This is all wrongthinking, but it also might be a good motivator for starting with weightreduction process.

For losing weight, there are numerous diets and workouttypes to choose from, but it might be a good idea to consult a doctor about whatdiet would be safe, what level of exercising intensity should be applied etc.

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