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When it comes to losing weight, people are ready to do anything, but in fact, all that is needed is cutting on food and increasing physical activity and nothing else. This is not as easy as it might seems because of cravings and yo-yo dieting and many people lose faith, become disappointed and quit on trying to reduce weight for good. This is a wrong thing to do because health status of the organism depends a lot on keeping the weight within the normal range.

Choosing a diet

This might be the most important thing to do when it comes to losing weight. Many people choose one of the fast diets, which offer losing a lot of weight in a short period. This is something that really might happen but the danger here is in the so-called yo-yo dieting. Losing a lot of weight includes elimination of fat tissue, excessive water, muscle mass and also elimination of waste material from the intestines (many diets use colon cleansing supplements). The problem is in the fact that when a diet is over, people continue with old bad eating habits again, intestines become filled, water is back too because of using more salt than needed. Lost pounds return in some time, and efforts made in dieting is wasted.

There is also a healthy diet, a diet based on controlled but still normal and healthy eating. This is something that is not so strict and is usually based on about 2000 calories daily menu for men and about 1500 calories daily menu for women. These numbers can vary, depending on the amount of physical activity performed in a day. Also, there should be many meals in a day, 5 as some experts say, which will include a lot of vegetables and fruits, some fresh meat, low fat dairy products and a lot of fibers.


Water has to be used in dieting, because it will speed up the process of food digestion and help the intestines process the food faster. Another role of the water is appetite control. Drinking just one glass of water before each meal will fill up the stomach partially and therefore, less food can be put in it. Also, drinking water will help with fighting food craving and hunger.

It also has to be said that whatever diet is chosen, it should be combined with some increased physical activity. Of course, if a low calorie value is allowed with diet, exercising must not be strenuous because it might exhaust the organism and that is not healthy at all.

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