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Choosing a diet is one thing, but sticking to that same dietis something else. It is not easy, it requires certain mental strength andwillingness, and that is something not all people have. So, what is necessary? Somewould say that all that is needed is to cut out the carbs and force your bodyinto burning fat, but is that really an answer, is it really an effective method to becomehealthy again?

Fat burning

The thing with fat burning is that it requires the intake of carbsand fat in order to start. This creates a problem with so-called fast diets,because they are usually based on the very low intake of calories. Sometimes thismakes the organism go into the defensive status, which will save the fat tissue and not burn it. But since energy is needed, muscle tissue will be eliminated. Thisis not what is wanted in weight reduction process (weight will be also lost,but not the needed one – fat tissue). So, to avoid that, carbs are needed. Theymay be cut down because of the dieting but not drastically because that willnot be effective. What is the proper way to lose weight?


Creating a proper combination of controlled eating andincreased physical activity is way to go. Nothing more than eating healthy andproperly and exercising regularly is needed for the body to start being healthyagain, which includes managing extra weight. When it comes to eating, thereshould be at least 5 meals in a daily menu, this will keep the basal metabolismup and running all the time, which will need some energy and also, hunger willbe eliminated. Fruits and veggies should be creating most of the meals. Also,water should be taken as much as possible since it helps a lot, not only withweight reduction but also with dealing with hunger, which is a big problem formany people who want to eliminate some fat tissue.

As for exercising, increased physical activity will definitelyburn some fat and also shape the body and make its muscles stronger. These twomethods, diets and physical activity, if combined properly, should create thebest possible effect when it comes to weight reduction. Cardio workout shouldbe applied more than simple muscle mass building. If the workout becomes moreintensive, which should happen after some time, the diet should not be so strict. Thisdoes not mean that healthy eating should be abandoned, it has to be continuedall the time, even when excessive pounds are gone.

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