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Weight reduction is a process of eliminating fat tissue and getting rid of excessive water and waste material from your body. Actually, when some strict diet begins, initial weight loss is from eliminating excessive body water and relieving the intestines. Fat cannot be lost that way. So, what is the best way to get rid of belly fat?

Belly fat

There is no best way to lose belly fat but there are just several methods that can be used. One method can be more effective for some people and less effective for others. But some basic rules are the same for everyone. Eat less and exercise more, that is the universal formula that should be applied. Elements of that formula might differ from one person to another but the result should always be the same – a fitter body. Creating a fit body means that all segments of the body must be taken care of and that is not easy, especially with some ares, such as belly. This is a very problematic part because a lot of fat can be accumulated there. Not just because of the aesthetics, but also because of the fact that big bellies simply put too much strain on the backbone and that might result in some back conditions.


Cardio exercises are perfect for elimination of fat tissue in the belly area and elsewhere. This means that use of oxygen is very important in the muscle contraction process. Actually, oxygen enables muscles to work longer without becoming tired and that leads to increased fat burning. Of course, losing all the fat in the belly area is not enough for creating a perfect six pack. Other intensive abdominal exercises should be done.


Exercising is not enough; some fat burning diets need to be included. But, if physical activity is increased, then a low calorie diet should be avoided. A big difference in calories inserted and calories spent might lead to exhaustion and that is far from healthy and far from what a body actually needs. A healthy balanced diet should be used instead of some restrictive diet. A healthy diet consists of having many small meals in a daily menu, because that will prevent the hunger from emerging and will keep the metabolism active.

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