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Losing weight is a process that lasts, it is not somethingthat will happen in the matter of days or weeks. At least a couple of months areneeded for significant weight to be lost. Of course, there are always fastdiets that might be efficient, but there is always a problem when it comes todetermining what exactly is lost. It is not only fat tissue, because proteinsfrom muscles and even water are eliminated, which contributes to the overallweight loss.


The main problem with losing weight is closely related toexpectations. People simply do not realize how much weight can be lost withcertain exercising schedules and diets. And when they lose less than theyexpected, that disappoints them and they usually quit. It has to be understoodthat weight loss process should be healthy and that takes some time. Let’s saythat healthy eating and increased physical activity (nothing exerting) shouldreduce couple of pounds weekly. This might not seem much, but if a person canget used to this regime, weight loss will be steady and continuous and that isthe right way it should be done. Setting goals for the weight loss managementis very important and in the starting phase, it should not be more than thosementioned couple of pounds for seven days.

This tempo tells us that there is nothing strict here andthat is the proper direction. Keeping the basal metabolism active withincreased physical activity while eating healthy and only slightly less thanneeded will create the best possible result and that is a constant fat burning.


For this to happen, healthy and balanced eating is needed,which requires including at least 6 meals in a day and the only food allowed isfruit, veggies, healthy meat (poultry and fish). Dairy products are allowed butonly those with low fat values. Water is also very important here and it shouldbe taken as much as possible daily, since it quickens the digestion process andalso eliminates hunger. Exercising should be something light in the beginning,but it has to be intensified as the time goes on. This is important because atsome point, current exercises will become easy for the organism and therefore,fewer calories will be consumed. This requires some new challenges that shouldbe put in front of the body. Final goal in the weight reduction process will beachieved with the proper combination of dieting and exercising.

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