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Introduction to Crash Dieting

Even though they are popular, it is important to remember that following a trendy crash diet can be frustrating and dangerous, especially, if it involves starving the body.

Most doctors and medical professions advice against such methods of weight loss, stating that they only offer unhealthy and short-term effects.

There is no best crash diet, because all of them are unhealthy for the most part and they often provide mixed results.

The best thing to do if a person wants to lose weight is to change the diet on a long-term basis and to eat a balances diet at all times that will include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, buts, healthy oils and lean proteins.

If a person really wants to try a crash diet, though, there are some that can help to lose weight in a shirt period of time. Cabbage Soup Diet

This diet last for one week and is very strict. A person can only eat cabbage soup, but they can eat an unlimited amount of it.

It restricts a person to eating only cabbage soup and one other food group.

It does not include any nutritious foods like fruits and other vegetables that are fresh, and it does not provide a balanced diet.

It is also very difficult to follow and very restrictive. Grapefruit Diet

Grapefruit is known to active the fat burning process in the human body. The diet calls for a use of meat that is unlimited but does limit the vegetable intake to vegetables such as white onions. It is not a good idea because it limits the body to a small amount of food, even though they are healthy ones, but it also encourages people to eat as much meat as they want.

Meat is very high in fat and cholesterol and will not be helping a person to lose weight.

Also, there is no scientific evidence that shows that grapefruit juice stimulates the fat burning process. Foods to avoid and include

There are many foods that are high in both calories and far and offer little to no nutritional value, so they should be avoided for the most part when trying any kind of diet for losing weight.

It is important to avoid eating red meat, dairy products, refined sugars, fried foods of all kind, coffee should be limited to one cup per day and without sugar and refined grains found in white bread and pasta should also be avoided.

Foods that should be included in the diet include vegetables, fish, turkey, chicken as far as meat is concerned, buts, seeds, olive oil, coconut oil, herbal teas, honey and a lot of water.

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