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Do you know the Food Network chef Juan-Carlos Cruz? Well the chef was arrested few days ago for alleged attempt to arrange the murder of his wife. It was reported that Cruz's wife Jennifer Campbell was suffering from severe depression after years of unsuccessful attempts of trying to conceive a child. And here comes the scary part: Jennifer had spoken to her friends about the desire to end her life. Okay and then Cruz comes in supposedly he was planning, after arranging for the murder of his wife, to commit suicide.

Pardon my language, but WTF? What kind of story is this? They were definitely not ready to have children. There are options for people who cannot have children, and even if the artificial insemination or whatever fails, there is an option of adoption a child. And most adopted children (adoptees sounds so formal?) live happy lives but not with these two if what the police says is true, these two are lunatics . Okay, you can't get severe depression if you are infertile the underlying cause must be somewhere else the infertility is just a trigger (I am not saying that infertility isn't justified reason to be depressed it is I a agree I would be the happiest if we all could get pregnant with a click of a finger but hey if we don t what will we do? Kill ourselves?) A woman like this (and a man that supports this) is not ready to have children.

Okay as I said if what the police is saying is true But if it s not I do apologize for my outburst. I wish Cruz, who was taken into custody last week, all the best. I truly hope everything will work out for him As the homeless man, who claims that Cruz had offered him money to kill Campbell, is not the most reliable person to trust, don't you think? Something sticks here, and I hope the police will solve the problem as it is hard enough to lose high school sweetheart, not to mention being charged of attempted murder and soliciting murder.

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