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There are many people that will face hurdles when it comes to conceive and there are countless reasons why infertility happens. For some women, infertility could be related to fallopian tube or ovarian abnormalities, a luteal phase defect, PCOS or endometriosis or something else could be presenting an issue. Men will also have certain genetic or physical problems which could lead to infertility such as an infection or virus, sperm motility issues or abnormal sperm production or low sperm count.

When faced with the challenges presented by infertility, it is completely normal to seek the services of a reproductive endocrinologist. At this point, when all natural methods have failed and a couple has been trying for a year or more to conceive, a battery of medical tests will usually be ordered. If after undergoing a series of tests for infertility and nothing can be determined or diagnosed, a couple may have to face the reality of unexplained infertility. What is this condition? What are the causes? Can it be cured through lifestyle, natural or medical means?

Basically unexplained infertility is a diagnosis which means that after exhausting all medical tests and exploring every option available, reasons behind the problem are still a complete mystery. It could be genetics, lifestyle, medical or physical abnormalities or it may be none of these and nothing that can be explained. Dealing with the reality of infertility is heartbreaking enough, but not having any clear cut answers as to why is confounding and frustrating. It is not something that can be explained or reasoned away, some people are able to naturally conceive with little to no problems at all, but for others it is not that easy.

Dealing with a fertility problem that defies explanation can be highly emotional and makes many couples want to give up on the dream of having a baby. For those couples facing a problem like this it is easy to grow disheartened as each month passes and no baby is conceived. However, the reality is that there are always options to explore and this means being proactive and becoming educated as much as possible about all the possible roadblocks that may be keeping conception from occurring and working hard to keep a positive attitude will do a lot to helping a couple achieve a happy outcome.

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