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There is a general thought present that woman is responsible that a couple cannot have children. Maybe this might come as surprise, but according to statists the cause lies in males too, and the responsibility is on both sides: in as much as 50% cases of infertile couples, men are the ones who have problems with infertility. Following suggestions of the studies and statistics, after the age of 30, sperm count in men starts to fall for as much as 30%: the quality and quantity of sperm lowers, sperm motility decreases and the healthy sperm lowers in number. The reason might be the nutrition, lifestyle or simply aging.

Naturopathic treatment or alternative fertility treatments attempt to address this problem and focuses on improvement of this aspect, and that is where Chinese Traditional Medicine, in a form of acupressure comes in. Studies have indicated that sperm count and sperm motility improved in more than 60% of males after they underwent acupuncture and acupressure treatment. As mentioned is some of the previous articles acupressure is an ancient traditional Chinese medicine technique which represents a combination of acupuncture and pressure application. It works by the application of pressure, and the practitioner may use hands, elbows and other devices to apply pressure. Pressure is applied on various pressure points or Meridians in the body (related to acupuncture). However, these points are usually distant from the area of the targeted symptom in the body, and at first glance have nothing to do with the area treated. In acupressure therapy, certain spots are identified by organ and number.

Again, I am bringing it out: do not practice and experiment anything by yourself! Always consult with your doctor and certified specialist for acupressure. When treating infertility with acupressure, both couples should be initially checked for anatomical problems, and these problems are the first ones that are addressed. When male infertility is treated, points that are located in hands and feet are located and especially points that are located on bladder, kidney area and spleen and liver. For example, specialist can balance the genitourinary tract and circulation by focusing on bladder points. Additionally points located on kidney are in connection to circulation in the reproductive organs and urinary tract, while blood is strengthened through influencing points that are in connection with spleen and liver.

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