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Even though most of us might believe that having a baby is a simple and easy-to-achieve biological process, many beg to differ. Namely, numerous individuals in the world have tried to get pregnant time and time again, failing every time. This failure leads to suspicions of infertility among one or both partners.

The Impact of Infertility

Being infertile and deprived of chances of having your biological children can be quite shocking. However, if you desire to be a parent, all you need to do is adopt. Now, the process is not easy, both from an emotional and from a legal point of view. Nevertheless, before you indulge into something like this, you need to be sure that you want to become a parent. Therefore, adoption should end your infertility treatments. Also, your desire to give birth should not interfere with your desire to adopt. Thus, only when you have all your needs and desires sorted out, take a closer look at your situation and choose the path you will take carefully, making sure that both you and your future family remain happy.

The Road from Infertility to Adoption

As it was mentioned above, the path you need to take from recognition of your infertility to overcoming this problem is very long and demanding, interwoven by different emotional stages you will have to endure. The stages may not go in the following order, since these are different for every individual. However, many of these may be present in your case as well.

Stage one is reserved for denial. When people face their own infertility, they protect their emotions by acting cold and locking them away. Thus, even though this news is a shock, many infertile people will act as if nothing has happened, until future stages arise due to their reluctance to let the hurricane of emotions go.

Anger is the next stage, making people frustrated due to their loss, wanting to blame someone else for it. Here, jealousy, envy, guilt, resentment or shame may appear to be prominent and overwhelming, especially towards people with babies or pregnant individuals.

Once the flames settle down, bargaining takes place, being the next stage. Here, most people believe that once they engage with the adoption procedure, their infertility may disappear and they will have made a mistake. However, the two processes do not go together and there are small chances that you will become fertile again. So, let go of your fertility before choosing adoption.

Sadness strikes next, releasing all the previously suppressed emotions. Here, individuals may show affection towards children, grieving the impossibility to have their own.

Finally, the last stage is acceptance, where infertility presents nothing more than a motivation to overcome it and choose adoption as a logical, wonderful step. Both parents need to reach this stage in order to be fully prepared for adopting a child. Communication, professional counseling and mutual support is a necessary part of this stage.

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