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An Indianapolis woman was charged with murder last week after she took rat poison to try and kill herself while she was 33 weeks pregnant. Bei Bei Shuai gave birth to a living baby girl, Angel Shuai, by cesarean section days after taking the rat poison, but she died three days later. Her mother apparently bought rat poison at a hardware store to kill herself after her boyfriend and the baby's father dumped her.

A friend discovered her slumped in her car outside her home, and Shuai was than taken to hospital. Doctors did everything they could to save baby Angel's life, and she was placed on life support immediately after birth. But it was too late, and the hospital informed the police that the baby's death was due to a chemical in her system after an autopsy.

Rat poison was found in Shuai's house, on the floor and inside a vacuum cleaner. Shuai is in custody, and the court entered an automatic not guilty plea to charges of murder and attempted feticide. Shuai's lawyer Linda Pence has been trying to get the charges dropped, calling the prosecution "horrible and mean-spirited" (!?). She described Bei Bei Shuai, who is from China and co-owns a restaurant in Indianapolis: "This young woman is truly one of the kindest, most gentle people I've ever met." The argument is, clearly, that Shuai took the poison in an act of desperation.

Her lawyer said Shuai's boyfriend said he was going to marry her and they were going to raise their baby together, but then abruptly dumped the 33-week pregnant women, who promptly decided to attempt suicide. Pence added that Shuai had been excited about the baby, bought baby clothes, and rocked Angel for "hours and hours" before she died. The trial continues.

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