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I don't know where to begin but telling you not to feel guilty about infertility that infertility is not your fault well it is a cliche and a waste of words. It is a fact that for a woman (and a man) who is trying to conceive, a stress because of infertility is not able to avoid. However there are certain steps that can be taken to decrease the pain.

First of all, both partners have to be open about their feelings. Expecting your partner to act in a certain way may create additional tension and additional stress. For this reason, both partners must recognize that they will have different feelings and therefore different reactions. You should get both informed about infertility and learn to focus on factors that are within your control (such as coffee drinking, smoking, alcohol drinking, losing weight etc) and simply accept the factors that you have no control of such as your age and certain aspects of the fertility diseases. It is much easier to approach infertility as a couple go through all feelings and emotions together. Therefore share your feelings: this is essential when dealing with emotional aspect of infertility.

Again, do not expect others to understand you, and sometimes they might make insensitive remarks. These kinds of outbursts might increase your feelings of isolation and this could lead to depression and loneliness. The only treatment for loneliness is surrounding with your closest friends and family who understand what you are going through. And remember, some people might not know what infertility means, and they simply cannot understand what you going through. If they make insensitive remarks, try not to close them out. Instead, let them know how you feel and it is very possible that they will eventually understand how you feel and they will try to help by giving you friendly tip and at least, but not the last, they will be there to listen and understand.

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