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Nowadays, there are plenty of diets a person can choose from. People seek diets for all sort of things like losing weight for instance or to better the intake of certain vitamins or nutrients a person is lacking. Some people opt for a potato diet. This particular diet is rich with proteins, vitamins A and B, potash, soda and alkaline salts. However, this diet is not recommended for every person. This diet is good for treating several disorders like intestinal toxemia, renal calculi, constipation, stone and dropsy and even uric acid disease. However, obese people should not follow this diet plan. Lots of people follow this diet in order to lose a couple of extra pounds and get into shape. People need to know that this diet plan does not work miracles for every person who decides to follow it. Every person should consult a doctor or a dietitian before going on any diet plan.

Example of how potato diet looks like

Day one

For breakfast a person can have 7 ounces of either apples, mandarins or oranges combined with 5 ounces of low-fat yogurt and up to 3 tablespoons of cereals. Another 5 ounces of yogurt can be consumed for a snack. Lunch should consist of 2 big boiled potatoes, one tomato and two peppers cut in chunks and 2 ounces of rubbed cheese. All the ingredients should be cut and placed in a pan and then left in the oven for about 10 minutes. Afternoon snack can be an apple. For dinner a person can have 2 potatoes, red onion and 3 ounces of pickled cucumbers cut into pieces and then combined with a small cut parsley. A person can add sauce that is made of 2 spoons of low-fat yogurt, salt, white pepper, some garlic and a spoon of olive oil. Day two
For breakfast a person can have a toast with 2 ounces of low-fat cottage cheese and one orange. A glass of low fat milk can be consumed for a snack. For lunch a person can have 7 ounces of extinguished cauliflower, 5 ounces of salt water boiled potatoes, one ounce of boiled ham cut in stripes and combined with 2 spoons of low-fat milk and half a teaspoon of olive oil. Nutmeg and half a lemon juice can be added in order to better the flavor. When the cauliflower is removed from the water and drained, a person should put it above. A slice of bread and 2 ounces of cottage cheese should be consumed for a snack. A soup made from 3 ounces of potatoes, a carrot, half a teaspoon of butter, some spices, parsley and one ounce of sliced ham should be consumed for dinner. A person should boil the vegetables while the ham is broiling in butter. The ham, parsley, salt and pepper are placed in the soup in the end.

These are examples of only two days of this diet plan. The examples for the remaining three days are pretty similar.

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