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Tuna fish diet is one of those quick-fix diets that everyonelikes to choose because it achieves significant weight loss in no timewhatsoever. How healthy, or maybe it’s better to say how unhealthy, this dietis has not yet been fully examined by the professionals. One can only drawconclusions about it based on the fact that the regime lasts for three daysonly and it makes a person lose up to 7 kilos.

However, like any other dietof the kind, it will make the person feel constantly exhausted, weary and weak.

How does the tuna fish diet regime exactly work?

As it’s been mentioned, this diet lasts for only three days.The thing about it is that it isn’t some kind of well-thought diet plan, butrather a diet by starving oneself by eating small amounts of food that is verylow in calories, while tuna just happens to be its main ingredient. That’snot the best of it, as this diet is not once in a while thing like many ofthese kinds of diets are.

It is actually expected to be repeated every fourdays. Basically, a person on this diet will almost constantly be living on it.When one does decide to stop the regime and return to their regular eatinghabits, some of the weight, or even the majority of it is bound to return as itwas lost due to low-calorie intake in the first place.

What kinds of food are included in the tuna fish diet?

The diet plan does not differ for every day, which meansthat the diet consists of eating the exact same thing for three days in a row.The reason tuna fish is chosen to be the key ingredient of the diet is becauseof its high protein value.

The way to follow this diet would be to have a third ofgrapefruit or a banana for breakfast, followed by a slice of toast with peanutbutter on top. Black coffee is allowed with this breakfast.

As for lunch, it can consist of either half a cup of tuna orhalf a cup of cottage cheese, depending on the preference, with some toast. Theselection of beverages includes water, diet soda or black coffee.

Finally, dinner is maybe the richest meal of the day. Itsfirst part consists mostly of vegetables. One has the possibility to choosebetween a cupful of green beans and a cupful of cauliflower, followed by a cupof shredded carrots. After that, the person can either have one apple or a cupof watermelon, followed by either some water or black coffee.

The second partof dinner consists of eating meat and one can choose between two hot dogs andtwo beef franks. This is followed by some dessert in the form of half a cup ofsugar-free vanilla ice-cream.

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