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Significance of the water

As we already know, the highest percentage of the organism’s structure makes water. It is extremely important part of the tissues and their functioning. Without it, the life on the planet wouldn’t exist. That’s why it is extremely important to prevent this universal solvent from contaminating, providing the quality of it based on world’s recommended standards.

The water we drink

As already mentioned, water represents universal solvent, which can be good or, sometimes even bad for quality of it. Passing through the pipes, sometimes, tap water can dissolve atoms of lead or pick up some micrograms (for example chloroform which can be harmful if present in higher amounts) from the filtration process, which will finish in your cup or glass. That way, our organism receives harmful substances which bring toxins to our body.

Concentration of contaminants in our water depends on few factors : location of the place of living, primary source of drinking water, water supplier and finally, quality of the pipes. Contaminants that are found in certain moment of water testing, may not be present few hours later and that represents the difficulty in estimating the quality of water. Presence of these toxins in water, after years of usage, can result in health problems such as forming the stones in kidneys, intellectual deficits in children (from the dissolved lead of the pipes), and sometimes even cancers (caused by trihalomethane –product of disinfection with chlorine).

Treatment of the water

Treatment of the water doesn’t represent easy process. Firstly, the usage of the chemical substances which disinfect water must be limited on the chemicals, which will not do any harm to organisms. Scientist discovered that the children who were exposed to the contaminated water for years, were prone to some diseases, as their immune system was damaged by some strong chemicals present in their tap water. Their vulnerable organism absorbs substances from the water much more than organism of the older. Some of the contaminants are radon, cryptosporidium and cyanzine (type of pesticide).

In order to prevent this health risks, scientist are trying to find the best solution, which will guarantee the quality of the water. Their experiments are based on observing the effect of some chemicals and pathogens on the human body. It is very difficult to discover whether some disinfection substance will do any harm to organism, after years of usage. Lastly, even if the quality of water satisfies standards, risk of the pipe damaging which will change the water structure, is present.

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