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Herbs used as medicine

Significance of usage of some herbs in nutrition is enormous. They are often great sources of vitamins and antioxidants. Chlorella is algae which belongs to the phylum chlorophyta and it is rich in proteins and vitamins. Its benefits on human health are various. Sometimes this water plant is used in medical purposes because of its healing characteristics. One of the benefits of this herb, which has been proven by scientists, is that this algae works preventively for some types of tumors.

This herb has become more popular for researches of scientists in last ten years. It is discovered that this type of algae has high nutritional value and, therefore, represents a great source of energy. Color of Chlorella is green due to high content of chlorophyll, which is element responsible for performance of photosynthesis. This algae is used for human consumption, for animal feeding and even as fertilizer in cultivation processes.

Cultivation of Chlorella algae

The cultivation of this algae has been affirmed as successful in artificial freshwater pounds. Persons who work on this ponds, are responsible for providing required growth conditions such as water temperature and quality. In good conditions, the growth rate of this water plant is very high (increases in mass to fourfold within one day). Also, aquariums with nutrient rich water, enable very fast spreading of Chlorella, which can be harmful for fish. In order to prevent this, levels of nitrate and phosphate content in aquariums must be minimal.

Effects of this algae on human organism are various. Consumption of products based on this algae helps in weight-loss treatments by cleansing organism from toxic substances, which further, speeds up metabolism. Also a fact proven by scientist is that Chlorella lowers cholesterol levels and reduces blood pressure level. On the market, Chlorella algae can be found in forms of pills, powders, tablets and as other kinds of nutritional supplements. The algae which has similar characteristics of Chlorella is spirulina algae.

Despite the advantages this water plant provides for our health, there are also some side effects this algae can be responsible for. Most common side effect provoked by consumption of this plant is allergy. Persons who are prone to this disease should avoid intake of supplements based on this algae. Allergy can result in nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or stomach cramps. Also, in some rear situations, usage of this plant can cause changes on skin surface and irregular heart rate. During the pregnancy, consumption of this algae must be under supervision of a doctor.

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