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The Water Issue

We need to drink water to survive. Thisis a well known fact none of us can deny. However, recently, afterspending decades depleting our planet's resources without caring forsustainability or ecology, we have now come to a close where there isnot safe drinking water. The industry produces “healthy” bottledwater and sells it for profit, creating more waste in its production.On the other hand, our tap water contains numerous pathogens,chemicals and an unnatural concentration of chlorine, making thiswater dangerous for our health and inadequate for consumption.

Still, instead of spending a fortune onbottled water which is not as healthy as its producers claim it tobe, you can purchase a tap water filter and rest assured that you aredrinking purified, healthy water.

Dangers of Chlorine and Other Things WeDrink

This gas was first used during WWI. Ifa person breathes enough of this gas, his/her lungs will dissolve,causing a painful death. However, in water, this chemical can killsome of the harmful bacteria and keep us safe from some of manydangerous digestive problems.

Nevertheless, chlorine in water isknown to cause cancer in many cases, as several researches have shownthroughout recent history.

Through bacterial evolution, new typesof bacteria have been found in our drinking water, and these seem tobe immune to chlorine, reaching our organism through drinking water.So, filtering systems are necessary in order to keep us safe from allthese dangers we are exposed to daily. It is best to drink at least 8glasses of water each day. If this water is not pure, you will bedelivering countless harmful microorganisms to your system on a dailybasis.

Our tap water is full of pesticideswhich come from the ground which we exposed to these chemicals inorder to keep our crops safe. These are poisonous chemicals which,when drunk, may cause serious health issues.

All in all, water that we drink is dangerous. We have made it this way. Now, it is high time we protectedourselves from our own wrongdoings by installing water filters in ourhouseholds. Keep yourself and your family safe, do not believe whatany profit-based industry claims and make sure your water is cleanand safe for drinking.

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