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Water is the next most important thing, after oxygen, for sustaining life on the planet. Given that the water purifies the digestive tract, blood and all cells in the body, human health will depend on the water quality that enters in the body. Daily intake of water should be 8-10 glasses.
People generally use factory-purified water from the tap that comes from rivers, streams, lakes and underground sources. However, considering the level of water pollution in the world, despite its purification, many harmful substances and germs manage to come through. Half of Americans use purified waste water, which also can not be fully cleared of toxic substances.
Official information’s indicate that 60-80% of all cancer diseases come from air, food and drinking water. In the last 20 years, there has been a significant increase of carcinogenic factors in the water. Bearing in mind the fact that it was not yet found a way to remove them, the population is exposed to many dangerous diseases.
Distilled water is condensed steam that is created preheating water to the boil. The rest is the waste water which discards. Although distilled water has no taste and does not contain any elements, solids and minerals it also does not contain any harmful substances.
The system consisting of heart, kidneys and blood, purificates the body from harmful substances. However, for its proper functioning is essential that organism enters sufficient quality water. Distilled water collects harmful materials accumulated in the cells, arteries walls, joints and other places in the body and ejects them.
People are in aberration that minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium, carbonate and lime compounds) entered through the water have benefits to the organism. These minerals are inorganic and body can not use them. As a consequence of the described process these minerals discharges from the body, leaving harmful substances to accumulate in the cells. For good health, only organic minerals derived from food (fruits, vegetables, cereals, meat) are useful and easily assimilated in the cells.
Also, it is necessary to dispel another misconception that distilled water drained useful minerals from the body. The distilled water can only discharge harmful substances and inorganic minerals accumulated in the cells, while useful minerals entered through food remains in the body. Inorganic minerals that are entered by drinking tap water are accumulating in the liver, kidneys and intestines, causing accumulation of carcinogenic substances. Their effects can appear years after the termination of their entries.
As mentioned above, the purified water from the tap contains many harmful substances that can cause serious illness. The biggest concern is about viruses excreted by infected animals and humans which can also be found in drinking water. Given the described benefits of distilled water, it can be concluded that its use is of great importance to human health.

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