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When it comes to the health of our children, we desire nothing but the best. Knowing how water is important for our body's proper functioning, we know that our children need to eat food which has been cooked in healthy water and consume this healthy, clean water too. However, here we reach the part where we have to choose. Namely, we may opt for nursery water, tap water or bottled water. Now, all of these types are different and have their own benefits and flaws. Thus, read through the lines below in order to get more information on the subject and know that you have made the right choice for you and your children.

Facts about Nursery Water

Basically, nursery water is a purified type of regular water with some fluorides added to it, containing many nutrients necessary for the proper growth, development and health of children, especially toddlers and infants. The process of the production of this water involves distillation, where the water is made completely safe, being excellent for your child.

There are certain types of nursery water which contain even more nutrients and vital vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and others. These factors boost the taste of this water, making it more attractive to children. Nevertheless, the quality and standards of this type of water are all carefully monitored.

The only negative fact about this water is the high level of fluorides. Namely, this concentration may be harmful for your child's teeth, even though the production companies may claim otherwise.Facts about Tap Water

Simply enough, we get our tap water from the taps in our homes. Nowadays, due to the water pollution and various other factors, people are massively consuming bottled water instead of the tap water. However, the quality of this water varies from one place to another. Therefore, not every tap water is bad for you. Quite the contrary, some of these sources are very clean.

Also, keep in mind that the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act is keeping tap water healthy and regulated and this governmental factor would react once the quality of this water dropped below healthy standards.

All in all, your tap water may be healthy or not. Thus, it is better not to risk and give this water to your child. Rather, use it for washing the dishes, bathing and other such necessities.

Tap Water vs Nursery Water

If you are going to drink the water, you can freely choose tap water or the bottled alternative. However, when it comes to your child who still has a weak immune system, nursery water is the best possible choice, especially due to all the health benefits this water brings. However, opt for nursery water with low fluoride levels.

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